Draft Programme

The conference programme will be updated closer to the conference date.

Vizier AAL Symposium

Vizier is an AAL project funded by the AAL association that seeks to support healthy ageing in Europe. Vizier is developing a modular and extendable “open architecture” hardware and software solution that includes a home system composed of a range of sensors, IoT appliances, a social companion (presented as a robot or virtual human) and a set of applications to allow the elderly to access existing popular but difficult to use (online) technologies and IoT technologies.
The Vizier platform is currently in a development and testing phase. The Vizier Symposium to discuss how technology (especially CBMI) can support healthy ageing in Europe will take place on the day before CBMI 2019 (3rd September 2019). Vizier will issue separate calls for participation.

Wellbeing Networks 2019 Conference

The first Wellbeing Networks Conference will take place in Dublin, Ireland from 2-3rd September 2019 and is co-located with CBMI 2019. Wellbeing Networks is an interdisclipinary conference that brings together experts in health and well-being research from different domains and disciplines (e.g. Psychology, Nursing, Medicine, Computer Science, Health Economics, etc.) to explore coordinated research involving the social networks of patients and service users. Wellbeing Networks is a two day conference/workshop to increase interdisciplinary collaboration between experts in these and other relevant areas. Such an initiative has the potential to enhance the physical and psychological wellbeing of individuals who use physical and mental health systems and their broader social networks through the development of innovative research ideas and strengthening researchers' capacity to implement change in relation to healthcare system policy and practice.

Social Events

CBMI 2019 will host two main social events. The welcome reception on 4th September 2019 and the conference banquet on 5th September 2019.

The CBMI 2019 banquet will take place at Clontarf Castle, which is close to the conference venue on the north side of Dublin City. Clontarf Castle was built on the site of the famous Battle of Clontarf in 1014, which saw Irish and Norse kings and warlords doing battle on a day that resulted in the loss of up to 10,000 lives. The battle was an important event in Irish history and is recorded in both Irish and Norse chronicles. In Ireland, the battle came to be seen as an event that freed the Irish from foreign domination. Clontarf castle has existed since 1172 and the current building dates to 1837. Handel was a frequent visitor to the then castle during his stay in Dublin for the premiere of Messiah in 1742. More recently the castle is referred to by Phil Lynott of the Irish rock group Thin Lizzy in his song "The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle", the opening track on their 1971 debut album Thin Lizzy. In 2014 Clontarf Castle Hotel was awarded the 2014 Best Hotel Event Venue award at the 2014 Event Industry Awards.

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